“Angelina Jolie’s Surprise Hair Transformation: The Reason Behind Her New Look”

Angelina Jolie, the renowned Hollywood actress, has recently embarked on a new fashion venture and is gearing up to unveil her upcoming collection. In a surprising move, the stunning beauty has also decided to switch up her hair color, bidding adieu to her signature dark brown locks in favor of a refreshing shade of blonde. This bold transformation has left many in awe and is reminiscent of her appearance in the film Girl, Interrupted back in 1999. It’s worth noting that this change was made in tandem with Jolie’s official partnership with fashion brand Chloe, as she and her team work diligently to develop new designs for her collection. These latest photographs were taken while she was actively brainstorming ideas with her collaborators.

Angelina Jolie’s recent look has drawn comparisons to her iconic role in the movie “Girl, Interrupted” as she has traded her long dark hair for a short blonde cut. Fans have been thrilled with her new style, commenting positively on social media and stating that it makes her look younger. Jolie is currently working on designing a women’s fashion collection for her new brand Atelier Jolie, which prioritizes comfort, quality, aesthetics, and sustainability. In a partnership with Chloé, Jolie hopes to establish her brand in the market.

The Daily Mail has just released new photos of Jolie collaborating with her team on ideas for her upcoming collection. All proceeds from the launch of this line will go towards investing in the apprenticeship program for staff at Jolie’s own fashion house, Atelier Jolie, set to hit stores this autumn.

Jolie credits her admiration and respect for tailors as the inspiration behind her decision to create her own fashion brand. Her aim is to design classic and functional pieces that are both visually pleasing and environmentally sustainable, with a focus on long-lasting quality.

In a recent interview, Angelina Jolie shared her thoughts on fashion and the role it has played in her life. She stated that she considers fashion to be an art form, one that she has had the privilege of experiencing over the years. Through working with some of the best tailors in the industry, Jolie has gained practical knowledge and learned about fashion design activities. According to Jolie, designers may sketch their ideas on paper, but it is the tailors who bring those ideas to life and make the real difference in the final product. She expressed how being around tailors makes her feel excited and inspired to come up with creative ideas.

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