10 Instances when BLACKPINK’s Rosé Rocked a New Hairstyle

Rosé from BLACKPINK is known for her signature blonde hair, so much so that it’s easy to believe that she was born with it!

We totally adore blonde Rosé, but we also can’t get enough of her rocking different hair colors! Check out some of the times she slayed with non-blonde hair:
1. Stunning pink locks
She truly epitomizes the word “pretty” in “Pretty Savage!”

2. Dazzling in crimson
The vibrant red hair looks fantastic on Rosé!

3. Gorgeous brunette
She totally owned her stunning brown locks!

4. Absolutely mesmerizing in jet-black locks
Rosé looks absolutely stunning with her black hair!

5. The dazzling silver ensemble will always be remembered as a classic!

6. Rosé looks absolutely adorable with her strawberry blonde hair. The color really complements her and brings out her natural beauty.

7. Rich and opulent lavender tresses
The shade of lavender is absolutely delightful!

8. Oh, wow! Her vibrant orange hair looks amazing on her, she really rocks that shade!

9. Rocking different styles with her light brown hair
She looks equally gorgeous whether she’s rocking brunette or blonde locks!

10. Playing around with tones of gray and black,
Rosé decided to spice up her blonde locks by incorporating a striking black shade to the lower half, achieving a stunning two-toned hairstyle.

10 instances where Rosé from BlackPink abandoned her iconic blonde hair.

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