“Unveiling Selena Gomez’s Sizzling Swimwear Line: Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Shots of La’Mariette Collection”

Yesterday, Selena Gomez wowed everyone when she unveiled her new collaboration with La’Mariette and showcased her enviable physique in vibrant swimsuits. Today, she’s treating fans to a sneak peek at her photoshoot and more breathtaking snapshots of the end result. In one of the images, the 28-year-old starlet can be seen rocking a fuchsia and violet bikini that perfectly accentuates her curves.

Bathing beauty: Selena Gomez, 28, showcased her outstanding figure in a behind-the-scenes photo of her new swimwear line for La'Mariette that was posted to her Insta Stories on Saturday

Pop star Selena Gomez, 28, flaunted her incredible physique in a sneak peek of her upcoming swimwear collection with La’Mariette. The singer took to her Instagram Stories on Saturday to share a behind-the-scenes photo of herself leaning on a chair while checking her phone. In the image, she was wearing a dazzling swimsuit that featured a top that strapped around her well-toned midriff, perfectly accentuating her ample chest. The high-cut string bottoms added to the alluring look, while her neon green nails and thick silver rings gave her a chic appearance. Selena’s changing room was located right next to the swimming pool where most of the photoshoot took place, and she accessorized her look with blonde-dyed tresses parted in the middle that exposed her dark roots.

Steamy: In another snap, she rested one hand on her thigh while placing another over her chest as she glanced seductively downward at the viewer in a violet-and-fuchsia two-piece

Sensual: In a different photo, she positioned her hand on her thigh and placed the other one over her chest while casting a seductive gaze downwards towards the viewer. She was wearing a stunning two-piece in shades of violet and fuchsia.

Gorgeous: The Spring Breakers star was even more playful in a snap posted to her main Instagram page showing her in a busty one-piece in the same colorway

A stunning photograph of the famous Spring Breakers star appeared on her primary Instagram page, wearing a colorful and revealing one-piece swimsuit. In an Insta Story shared on her profile, the image showed an angle from below that created an illusion of her towering over the camera. She posed seductively, placing one hand on her thigh and the other over her chest, casting a captivating glance down at the viewer. Another playful snap posted on her Instagram page showed her in a different colorway of the swimsuit, holding her blonde ponytail with one hand to reveal her large gold hoop earrings. The talented actress expressed her gratitude in the caption, for the chance to celebrate her friends’ successes and the launch of her collaboration with @lamariette. She admired the brand’s aim to empower women, encouraging them to embrace their bodies and granting themselves the kindness they deserve.

New venture: Selena looked incredible as she modeled her new collection of swimwear for La¿Mariette on Friday afternoon on Instagram

Selena showcased her stunning new collection of swimwear for La’Mariette on Instagram, looking fabulous and radiant in the photos. Earlier on Friday, she had shared several other stunning pictures of herself in steamy bathing suits. Selena collaborated with Theresa Mingus and Morgan Brutocao, the founders of La’Mariette, for this exciting project. In a statement obtained by Page Six, she mentioned how much fun it was for them to create swimsuits because they love being outdoors. When it came to design inspirations and color choices, Selena opted for purple as her favorite color after going through swatches. She wanted to steer clear of her usual red and white colors and opted for pops of neon green to make the suits unique for each wearer. Selena emphasized that the collection allows the wearer to make the suit their own.

As the 28-year-old singer prepares to ring in the holiday weekend, she announced news of her latest project with the brand's founders Theresa Mingus and Morgan Brutocao.

As the weekend approaches, the 28-year-old songstress has revealed her latest collaboration with Theresa Mingus and Morgan Brutocao, the founders of the said brand. The collection is composed of various sizes from XS to XXL, highlighting two bikini tops, two bottoms, a one-piece and a sarong that can be styled as a top. These eye-catching pieces are set to go on sale this Saturday on lamariette.com, with prices ranging from $49 to $119. La’Mariette’s Instagram account features photos of Gomez modeling the different swimwear designs in front of a white brick wall.

Lots of options: The collection, which ranges from sizes XS to XXL, features two bikini tops, two bottoms, a one-piece and a sarong that can also be tied as a top

There are plenty of choices available in this collection, catering to a wide range of sizes from XS to XXL. The collection includes two different styles of bikini tops and bottoms, as well as a one-piece swimsuit and a versatile sarong that can be used as both a cover-up or a top when tied.

Beauty: The campaign, shot on film, showed her rocking her platinum blonde tresses and taking a dip in her pool

The advertisement captured her natural beauty on film, highlighting her gorgeous platinum blonde hair and taking a refreshing swim in her pool. In September of last year, she bravely showed off her kidney transplant scar while donning a light blue swimsuit from the same brand, empowering body positivity. In her caption, she opened up about how challenging it was to reveal her scar after the transplant.

Coming soon: The striking garments become available to purchase on Saturday on lamariette.com and are priced from $49 to $119

Exciting news: The stunning clothing line will be available for purchase starting this Saturday on lamariette.com. With prices ranging from $49 to $119, customers can get their hands on these striking garments. According to the Come And Get It singer, she used to cover up her scars in photos but now feels confident in who she is and what she went through. She proudly announced this while modeling a Selena One Piece swimsuit that she collaborated on with La’Mariette. In 2017, the pop star underwent a lupus treatment that required an organ donation from her close friend Francia Raisa.

'I feel confident in who I am and what I went through': Selena Gomez showed off her kidney transplant scar in a swimsuit snap last year

Last year, Selena Gomez shared a picture of herself in a swimsuit that revealed her kidney transplant scar. She expressed that she is comfortable with her identity and the challenges she has faced in life.

'She gave me the ultimate gift': She announced her kidney transplant on Instagram with a sweet photo of her and Francia holding hands as they lay in adjacent hospital beds (seen in June 2017)

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