“Potential Plagiarism Lawsuit Looms for Jungkook’s ‘Seven’ Despite Big Hit Music’s Denial”

On August 23 KST, a media outlet reported that Big Hit Music, the agency behind BTS, may be facing a plagiarism lawsuit over alleged similarities between Jungkook’s solo single “Seven” and Fin.K.L’s “Time of Mask”. The accusations came to light on August 22 KST, with producer Yang Joon Young of Fin.K.L personally raising the allegations. However, it was revealed that Yang Joon Young initially did not want to publicize the issue, and had forwarded a file comparing the music scores to HYBE Labels in early August for discussion. After a delay due to chairman Bang Si Hyuk’s overseas business trip, Yang Joon Young did not receive any updates for over two weeks. An image of part of the file was also revealed, showing the adjusted tempo and key of both songs to compare the note sequence.

After the plagiarism allegations surrounding Jungkook’s “Seven” made headlines on August 22 KST, HYBE Labels’ risk management department took swift action. Only then were producer Yang Joon Young’s files examined by HYBE’s legal team. Later that day, Big Hit Music released a statement denying the accusations, but a legal firm criticized the language used, suggesting it may be more favorable in a lawsuit situation than resolving the issue and prioritizing the entertainer’s image. Some in the industry believe there is still a chance for Yang Joon Young to pursue legal action. More updates to come.

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It’s already 3 hours since Not-Too-Late08620 shared their opinion, and I must say that I personally do not perceive any resemblances.


armystan, with 74,739 points, posted a comment stating that it is impossible to prevent someone from suing you. He further stated that when the news of the lawsuit against the company broke out, they were not surprised as they were expecting it. He believed that Big Hit ignored the producer because the case was unfounded and not worth worrying about. However, he mentioned that some companies prefer to settle out of court instead of going through a trial to avoid bad publicity, regardless of the case’s merit. He concluded by stating that he hopes the case goes to trial.

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Although Big Hit Music has refuted the allegations, it is possible that Jungkook’s song ‘Seven’ could be the subject of a plagiarism lawsuit in the near future.


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