“Popcorn Skirt and Glam Gown: Katy Perry’s Quick Change at Part of Me Premiere”

Katy Perry may not be a renowned actress, but she definitely rocked the old Hollywood glamour look at the premiere of her new documentary. The 27-year-old singer stunned everyone on the pink carpet with her remarkable strapless velvet red dress, which hugged her waist and fell just below her knees. She completed the look with a vintage curled hairdo, bright red lipstick, matching red shoes, and a red and white clutch bag. Check out the video of the premiere below.

Red velvet: Katy Perry looked stunning in a vintage style strapless red gown and matching shoes as she stepped out at Grauman's Theatre in Hollywood for this afternoon's premiere of Katy Perry: Part of Me

Katy Perry looked absolutely stunning at the premiere of her documentary film, Katy Perry: Part of Me. She wore a gorgeous vintage-style strapless red gown and matching shoes that perfectly complemented her overall aesthetic. However, it wouldn’t be a true Katy Perry appearance without a signature outfit change for her on-stage performance later in the day. As expected, she did not disappoint and emerged from a giant popcorn bag in a dress that was impressively film-themed. The dress included a film-reel bra and waistband, as well as a giant popcorn detail on the red and white striped skirt. To complete the look, Katy wore pink heels and red cat-eye sunglasses with candy detail.

Making her mark: Perry bursts out of a popcorn packet in a movie themed dress complete with film reel bra and waistband and a giant popcorn skirt during her on-stage performance

Perry stole the show with her unique movie-themed dress that portrayed her bursting out of a popcorn packet. The outfit featured a film reel bra and waistband, with a giant popcorn skirt that made a statement during her on-stage performance. She definitely made her mark!

Popcorn magic: The star also wore 1950s style cats eye sunglasses complete with candy detail at the sides

The celebrity had a touch of popcorn magic with her trendy 1950s cats eye sunglasses that had candy embellishments on the sides.

Girl on film: The impressively themed dress featured a film reel style bra complete with film reels wound around the star's waist

A young woman was captured on camera wearing a stunning dress that had a film reel design on the bra and film reels wrapped around her waist. Although, as she began to perform, she quickly discarded the popcorn skirt to reveal a pair of high-waisted pants. These pants were adorned with candy bars, possibly as a nod to the cinema snack culture. Earlier, the star had tweeted about how her ‘costume’ for the premiere would be ‘so yolo.’

Candy land: Perry whipped off her popcorn skirt to reveal a pair of high waisted candy bar themed pants

Perry surprised everyone by quickly taking off her popcorn skirt and revealing a pair of pants with a candy bar theme that had a high waist.

Sweet look: The singer showed off her slim and toned legs in the clinging ensemble

Sweet look: The singer showed off her slim and toned legs in the clinging ensemble

With a sweet appearance, the singer flaunted her slender and well-defined legs in a figure-hugging outfit, complemented by pink T-strap heels. While it remains uncertain whether she was alluding to the acronym ‘yolo’ (which stands for ‘you only live once’) in her statement, Perry exuded confidence and ease as she struck poses on the vibrant pink carpet under the Californian sun outside the iconic theatre. At one point, she even escorted her grandmother, Mary Perry Hudson, inside the venue.

Making her mark: Perry wore her black hair in loose curls in an old Hollywood style hair do

Perry left a lasting impression with her hairstyle as she rocked loose curls reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. Her black locks were arranged in a stylish hairdo that added to her overall look.

Dressed for success: Perry looked in good spirits as she posed for photographers on the carpet

Dressed for success: Perry looked in good spirits as she posed for photographers on the carpet

Perry was all smiles while she stood for the photographers on the red carpet, dressed impeccably for the occasion.

Back of the net: Perry twirled around to reveal her full skirt, complete with black netted underskirt

Perry spun around to show off her gorgeous skirt that had a black net underskirt. She appeared to be a bit surprised by all the attention she was receiving at the premiere. In fact, she tweeted a picture of the long pink carpet running down Hollywood Boulevard, with the caption: “What have I created?” The premiere drew a huge crowd of fans, and Perry eagerly greeted them from a raised platform. The film, Katy Perry: Part of Me, is in 3-D and chronicles her life in the past year, including the breakdown of her marriage to Russell Brand.

Standing to attention: The singer waves to her mass of fans hoping to get a glimpse of the star along Hollywood Boulevard

As the singer stands tall, she greets her numerous fans with a friendly wave, hoping to catch their eye as they eagerly gather along Hollywood Boulevard for a glimpse of their beloved star.

It's a family affair: Kary escorts her grandmother, Mary Perry Hudson, who was aided by a glittery walking stick, into the theatre

Kary accompanied her grandmother, Mary Perry Hudson, who used a sparkling walking stick, to the theatre, making it a family affair. The movie takes place just two months after Katy Perry and Russell Brand tied the knot and follows her on her successful California Dreams tour. In Part of Me, which aired on MTV, Brand is prominently featured, with Perry discussing him candidly throughout the film. She even admitted that her career success may have contributed to the end of their marriage. Perry once believed that finding the right partner would mean she would never have to choose, but she later realized that this was not the case.

Thinking pink: Perry tweeted a photograph of the aerial view of the pink carpet at the Part of Me premiere along Hollywood Boulevard

Going for the pink theme: Perry shared on Twitter a picture showcasing an aerial perspective of the pink carpet rolled out for the Part of Me movie premiere event held along Hollywood Boulevard.

Busting out: Katy revealed her curves in the revealing outfit as she bent over

Busting out: Katy revealed her curves in the revealing outfit as she bent over

Katy flaunted her figure in a daring outfit that left little to the imagination, as she leaned forward.

Feeling a bit self conscious? Katy appeared to be attempting to cover up her behind as she continued the performance

Are you feeling a bit self-conscious? During a performance, Katy seemed to be trying to cover up her behind. In a documentary, she was asked if she still missed her ex-husband Brand, and she started to cry. She admitted that she did miss him, but also stated that she did everything she could to make the relationship work. Katy has a strong belief system in which she strives not to fail in anything, whether it’s her career or personal life. Despite her efforts, the relationship still failed. However, during a recent event, she appeared to be in good spirits as various celebrities joined her for the afternoon.

Pretty in pink: Selena Gomez attended the premiere looking stunning in a bright pink beaded mini dress, while comedian Kathy Griffin stuck to a slinky black number

Selena Gomez looked absolutely gorgeous in a vibrant pink mini dress adorned with beads during the premiere event. On the other hand, comedian Kathy Griffin opted for a sleek and sultry black outfit.

Star support: Selena later posed alongside singer Carly Rae Jepsen, while comic Seth Green arrived with his actress wife Clare Grant

Caroline D'Amore

Selena showed her support by posing with fellow singer Carly Rae Jepsen, and DJ Caroline D’Amore from Billboard’s DJ Diaries added some sparkle in a Badgley Mischka ensemble.

Power couple: Justin Bieber led the way as girlfriend Selena followed closely behind

As a power couple, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez turned heads as they walked together, with Selena following closely behind her boyfriend. Selena looked stunning in her beaded hot pink fringed mini dress, which matched her lipstick perfectly. Carly Rae Jepsen, a protégé of Justin Bieber, also joined the couple and looked equally striking in her royal blue dress and neon yellow shoes. Other notable guests included Kathy Griffin, who arrived in a slinky black dress, and comic actor Seth Green, who brought his wife Clare Grant to the show.

Behind the scenes: Katy Perry: Part of me will cover the career highs and personal lows of Perry's life last year

Get ready to witness the ups and downs of Katy Perry’s life on tour in Part of Me, which will take you behind the scenes of her career and personal life.

Growing up: Katy delves into her past, during the era before she was famous

Growing up: Katy delves into her past, during the era before she was famous

As she walked down memory lane, Katy reminisced about her childhood before becoming a well-known personality. She explored the time when she was not yet a famous person and looked back on how far she has come. Recently, at the premiere of Part Of Me, Katy was not only a sensation on screen but also off-screen, leaving a lasting impression on her fans.

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