“Pop Star Dua Lipa Enjoys Romantic London Evening with French Beau Romain Gavras Ahead of Barbie Movie Premiere”

Dua Lipa, a 27-year-old singer, was spotted in London on a date night with her boyfriend, Romain Gavras, a 42-year-old French director and the son of renowned Greco-French filmmaker Costa-Gavras. Dua’s outing with Romain coincided with the opening weekend of the latest Barbie movie, for which she wrote and sang a new song. With the release of both Barbie and Oppenheimer movies this weekend, industry experts have been eagerly anticipating the box office battle between the two. Reports suggest that Barbie outperformed Oppenheimer in Thursday previews, and Dua seemed thrilled during her Friday night appearance.

Hot couple: Dua Lipa, 27, surfaced in London for a date night this Friday with her boyfriend, the smoldering French director Romain Gavras, 42

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Sizzling sensation: Romain is the son of Greco-French filmmaker Costa-Gavras, whose best-known work includes the darkly comic political thriller Z

Sizzling duo: Dua Lipa, who is 27 years old, stepped out in London on Friday for a romantic evening with her boyfriend, the dashing French filmmaker Romain Gavras, aged 42.

On the move: His latest outing with Dua happened to land on opening weekend of the new Barbie movie, for which she wrote and performed a new song

Taking a stroll: During his recent hangout with Dua, they coincidentally caught the premiere of the newest Barbie film where she contributed a fresh track.

Living it up: On the heels of news that Barbie outperformed Oppenheimer in Thursday previews stateside, Dua appeared in ecstatic spirits Friday night

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Glee: The London-born pop act could be seen laughing uproariously while settling into the backseat of her car during her night out in her hometown

Enjoying Life: After the exciting announcement that Barbie had a better performance in previews than Oppenheimer in the US, Dua was seen in a joyful mood on Friday evening.

Industry observers have been on tenterhooks for the box office face-off between Barbie and Oppenheimer, both of which are bowing this weekend

Observers in the entertainment industry have been eagerly anticipating the box office showdown between two highly-anticipated releases: Barbie and Oppenheimer. Both films are set to debut this weekend.

Recently, a London-born pop star was spotted out on the town in her hometown, looking carefree and enjoying herself. She was seen laughing heartily while settling into the backseat of her car. For the occasion, she opted for a chic yet effortless look, sporting a white blouse tucked into some jeans. She accessorized with black leather shoes and a matching handbag, completing the ensemble.

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According to Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie suffered from stomach pain before her untimely death. Dua, who comes from a Kosovar Albanian background, enhanced her facial features with makeup and wore her hair down during a recent outing with her attractive boyfriend, who sported a casual white t-shirt, matching pants, sneakers, and colorful accessories like scarlet socks and a green jacket. The couple enjoyed a night out at the Chiltern Firehouse, a popular London hangout for celebrities. Romain, an accomplished director of music videos and movies, has worked with artists like Kanye West and M.I.A. and directed films like The World Is Yours, which starred French acting icon Isabelle Adjani and movie star Vincent Cassel.

Swanking about: She cut a stylish figure in a simple white blouse tucked into a pair of jeans, complemented by black leather shoes and a matching handbag

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Looking fab: Sharpening her features with makeup, Dua, whose heritage is Kosovar Albanian, let her silky locks cascade freely over her shoulders

Showing off: She looked effortlessly chic wearing a crisp white top tucked into a pair of denim pants, paired with sleek black leather footwear and a matching handbag.

Place to be: Their night out on the town swept the couple into the Chiltern Firehouse, a reliable London hot spot for a global variety of celebs

Recommended destination: The couple’s evening adventure led them to Chiltern Firehouse, a popular London venue frequented by celebrities from all over the world.

Meanwhile: Her sizzling beau bared his toned forearms in a simple white t-shirt that matched his trousers and his sneakers

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Hunk-tastic: Romain, who had allowed a distinguished touch of grey to creep into his hair, lent his outfit a splash of color with scarlet socks and a green jacket

At the same time, her attractive partner flaunted his muscular forearms by wearing a plain white t-shirt that perfectly complemented his pants and sneakers. Check out the gallery above for more pictures.

Details: Romain developed an international reputation directing music videos for such songs as Bad Girls by M.I.A. and No Church In The World by Kanye West

Romain gained worldwide recognition for his work in directing music videos for popular tracks like M.I.A’s Bad Girls and Kanye West’s No Church In The World. See the gallery above for more details.

Only the best: His feature films include the crime caper The World Is Yours, starring the legendary French screen queen Isabelle Adjani and the beloved movie star Vincent Cassel

Check out these amazing works: Among his feature films is the thrilling crime comedy The World Is Yours, boasting performances by iconic French actress Isabelle Adjani and beloved Hollywood star Vincent Cassel.

Dynamic duo: He was first linked to Dua this February after the pair of them were glimpsed emerging from a BAFTAs afterparty

A pair of entertainment stars, Dua and Romain, have been rumored to be in a relationship since they were spotted together in February emerging from a BAFTAs afterparty. In May, the duo finally confirmed their relationship by appearing together on the red carpet at the Cannes premiere of The King Of Algiers. Despite being secretive about their relationship, Dua wished Romain a happy birthday on Instagram, revealing a bit about their bond. Recently, their relationship was put under scrutiny when Dua posted a selfie revealing what seemed like handprints on a misty shower door behind her. This sparked speculation about their romantic activities. However, the couple seems to be going strong, with Dua embracing the Barbiecore trend while enjoying a sunny vacation in Greece with Romain. She wore a hot pink mini dress and matching thigh-high boots with towering heels.

Going public: After months of swirling romance rumors, the pair made their relationship red carpet official at the Cannes premiere of the French film The King Of Algiers in May

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Warm words: Although the pair have been assiduously tight-lipped about their relationship, Dua di dwish Romain: 'Joyeux anniversaireeeee bébé,' on Instagram earlier this month

The couple finally confirmed their relationship in front of the public eye at the Cannes debut of the French movie The King Of Algiers in May, marking an end to the months of speculation about their romance.

Incidentally: Their romance recently fell under scrutiny when Dua posted a bathroom mirror selfie - revealing what looked like handprints on the misted shower door behind her

By the way, there has been some talk about the romance of Dua and her partner after she shared a selfie in which handprints appeared on the foggy shower door behind her.

Whoops: Social media leapt ravenously on the detail, with some wags wondering whether she and Romain had left the prints while in the shower together

There are 22 pictures available for viewing in the gallery.

Comment: 'There was nothing clean going on in that shower from what I see,' joked one mischievous online observer

Oops! The internet went wild over this little detail, causing some people to speculate if she and Romain had made those prints in the shower together.

Living the life: Dua threw herself into the Barbiecore fashion trend while indulging in a sun-drenched holiday in Romain's ancestral homeland of Greece this month

Dua had a great time enjoying the Barbiecore fashion trend during her recent trip to Greece, where she soaked up the sun and explored Romain’s ancestral homeland.

Doing her bit: Dua's contribution to the new Barbie film is a song called Dance The Night, which has been released as the lead single from the soundtrack album

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The project; Directed by Greta Gerwig, who co-wrote it with her husband Noah Baumbach, the new Barbie film is a feminist take on the classic Mattel doll

Dua Lipa has made a contribution to the new Barbie movie by creating a song named Dance The Night, which is the main single on the soundtrack album. She also posted a photo on Instagram showcasing her attire inspired by Barbie’s bubblegum look and wrote “Come on Barbie let’s go party.” The feminist take on the classic Mattel doll is directed by Greta Gerwig, co-written with her husband Noah Baumbach, and stars Margot Robbie as the title character alongside Ryan Gosling as Ken, with other cast members including Hari Nef, Simu Liu, Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae, and Will Ferrell.

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