“One Award was All it Took: Taylor Swift Becomes a Hilarious Meme at the 2023 VMAs”

Taylor Swift never fails to give us a memorable awards show reaction, as evidenced by her recent appearance at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. Despite the show being less than an hour in, her response to ‘NSync presenting her award has already become a viral meme. It’s refreshing to see Swift return the energy and excitement that she undoubtedly receives from her fans.

When Taylor Swift witnessed the boy band reunion on stage during the VMAs, she reacted just like any of her fans would react to seeing her perform – by shouting, jumping out of her seat, and covering her mouth in disbelief. In fact, a fan took to X (previously Twitter) and posted a clip of Taylor’s reaction with the caption, “Me when Taylor Swift was at the Taylor Swift concert.” Another fan chimed in, “Taylor Swift reacting to *NSYNC reunion is what I’m living for actually,” while yet another person agreed that Taylor’s reaction is representative of every millennial who witnessed *NSYNC’s reunion.

The fan frenzy surrounding Swift and the band only increased after they awarded her the best pop song award. Swift was clearly overwhelmed and even confessed to owning their dolls, causing a stir among the fans. She eagerly asked if they had any plans and urged them to reveal what they had in store.

Several fans of Taylor Swift pointed out that her reaction to ’NSync in 2023 was similar to her reaction back when she was younger. One fan noted that Taylor’s response to Justin Timberlake remained unchanged, while another felt like they shared the same fangirl gene with her.

And this is only following the achievement of a single recognition.

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