Lisa from BLACKPINK Teases Fans with a Glimpse of Her Latest Luxury Vehicle

BLACKPINK’s Lisa surprised her fans by sharing a glimpse of what appeared to be yet another high-end vehicle in her possession.

In her recent LLOUD video, BLACKPINK’s Lisa took fans on a tour of her stylish home, sparking excitement online with her luxurious car. She later surprised followers on April 3 by sharing a photo on her Instagram story featuring her LLOUD merchandise displayed on a stunning vehicle.

According to fans, it is believed that Lisa’s car might be a Ferrari 812 GTS, known as the “MANSORY STALLONE,” with a price so extravagant that it is only disclosed upon request. Some fans noted that Lisa’s passion for cars is nothing new, as the idol has always shown interest in them.

Loren even mentioned that he had a close bond with Lisa among the Blackpink members because of their discussions about cars. While some fans marveled at Lisa’s luxurious car collection, others were amazed to see her showcasing her sold-out LLOUD merchandise on such an expensive vehicle.

Fans couldn’t help but express their admiration, with some jokingly asking Lisa to run them over with any of her cars. Lisa’s wealth and ability to indulge in her interests have garnered support from netizens who appreciate seeing her enjoy the fruits of her hard work. Learn more about Lisa’s impressive car collection below.

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