Lisa (BLACKPINK) and the Squad: A Tight-Knit Sisterhood with Taylor Swift Connection and Hint of Ariana Grande’s Approval!

Lisa’s connections with renowned female stars in the US have left fans feeling puzzled. Known as the “international little sister,” Lisa holds the title of having the most Instagram followers in the Kpop industry and surrounds herself with elite friends worldwide. What stands out the most is her impressive network of beautiful American women.

Lately, fans have been uncovering Lisa’s heartwarming interactions with celebrities like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez. Netizens can’t help but be amazed by the extraordinary relationships of the youngest member of a global girl group.

Lisa is considered an “international younger sibling” thanks to her impressive group of friends, which includes a bunch of celebrities.

Lisa has had some unforgettable moments with celebrities like Rihanna, Camila Cabello, and Selena Gomez. However, one of the most talked-about incidents was when she met Taylor Swift backstage at The Eras Tour Singapore in March. The two “snake women” posed for a photo together, causing a frenzy among fans. While Taylor already had a close bond with Rosé from BLACKPINK, her photo with Lisa led to even more excitement from fans of both stars.

Lisa recently shared a photo where she dressed up and struck a pose reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s iconic TIME cover shot as Person of the Year. The interaction between Lisa and the “king snake” symbol has stirred up excitement among fans due to their shared love for cats and global fame. Lisa affectionately refers to Taylor by her nickname, sparking speculation amongst netizens about a potential collaboration between the two talented female stars in the future.

Lisa dressed up as Taylor Swift and reenacted one of her famous poses.

Netizens are eagerly anticipating a potential collaboration between two well-known stars. Ariana Grande showed her support for Lisa by sharing a video of her dancing to one of her songs on Instagram. The dancing skills and charisma of Lisa, a member of a popular girl group, sparked a positive response on social media. The friendship between Lisa and Ariana Grande dates back to a few years ago when they shared a photo that went viral. There have been speculations about a collaboration between Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK, given their close connections in the industry. Lisa and Ariana Grande have kept their bond strong for over five years, hinting at a potential collaboration in the future.

Ariana and BLACKPINK’s iconic photo from 2019 continues to capture attention online. Speculations are swirling about possible music collaborations between Rosalía, Tyla, and the talented girls. Lisa, in a recent birthday vlog, expressed her eagerness to work with the Grammy-winning stars. Fans got a sneak peek of potential teamwork when Lisa appeared in Tyla’s album introduction video. It’s clear that something exciting is brewing, and fans can’t wait to hear the magic these artists create together.

Lisa and Tyla have shown great potential in collaborating together. Tyla’s viral hit song “RnB Water” on TikTok and her well-received latest album have garnered positive feedback from music experts. Fans, especially BLINKs, are eagerly anticipating what these two diverse musical talents will create together.

On the other hand, Rosalía is currently one of the most prominent Spanish stars in the music industry. Her music stands out for its originality and profound messages that reflect a unique perspective. Despite her young age, Rosalía has already been recognized with 1 Latin Grammy Award and 1 Grammy Award, showcasing her exceptional talent and creativity.

Lisa has formed a close bond with Rosalía and the members of BLACKPINK, with Rosalía even showing her support at Lisa’s show at Crazy Horse. Lisa’s career post-YG is flourishing, with positive changes on the horizon. Fans can look forward to more exciting collaborations from Lisa as she continues to build relationships in the industry.

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