“Jolie’s Youthful Aspirations: Rediscovered Fashion Snaps Capture Angelina’s Radiant Energy at 18”

Angelina Jolie, a renowned Hollywood actress and global fashion icon, started her career by modelling for Debenhams and Miss Selfridge. Before starring in action movies that have gained millions of fans, she was featured in a little-known British magazine called Look at the age of 18. The magazine published the long-lost pictures under the headline ‘Honeychild’ in 1993. Check out the video below for more information.

The long lost pictures, taken when Jolie was just 18, were published under the headline 'Honeychild' in Look in 1993 and included shots of her squatting on the floor of a desert wearing a headband

The pictures that were taken of Jolie when she was just 18 years old have resurfaced after being lost for a long time. These photos were originally published in Look magazine in 1993 and were given the title ‘Honeychild’. Jolie was not well-known at the time and her name was even misspelled with a ‘j’ instead of a ‘g’ in the caption. The pictures show Jolie in two different settings: one where she is squatting on the floor of a desert wearing a headband, and another where she is kneeling on a beach and reaching for the sky. It is unclear whether or not she approved of the magazine’s claim that wearing beige encourages people to open up to you.

Angelina was such an unknown that even her first name was misspelled – with a 'j' replacing the 'g'

Angelina was a relatively obscure individual, to the extent that her given name was misspelled; a ‘j’ was incorrectly used instead of a ‘g’.

It is not known if she agreed with the magazine's claim that 'beige is not boring – it encourages people to open up to you'

It is uncertain whether Angelina agreed with the magazine’s statement that wearing beige can make one more approachable. In 1993, she had her professional acting debut in the sci-fi movie Cyborg 2 and three years after, played a leading role in the road film Mojave Moon. The Hollywood Reporter praised her acting, saying that the camera loves her. Her breakthrough role came in 2001 as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, which propelled her to become a major Hollywood star. Currently, Angelina is married to fellow actor Brad Pitt and they share six children.

Angelina made her professional acting debut in 1993, playing her first leading role in the science-fiction film Cyborg 2, pictured at the UK Premiere of Unbroken last year

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