Jennie Refuses Solo Comeback in June: Is BLACKPINK to Blame?

Reports circulating that Jennie will be releasing a solo album in June have been denied by Jennie’s management team. Despite rumors from Korean news site News1 about an upcoming solo album, Jennie’s representatives at ODDATELIER stated that while Jennie is working on new music, no official release date or format has been confirmed.

Jennie’s team refuted reports from Korean media stating that she would be making a comeback with a solo album in June. Newsis also mentioned that the chances of Jennie dropping a new song in the first half of the year seem slim. This speculation is due to recent changes in YG Entertainment’s board of directors and their plans for BLACKPINK’s upcoming activities. It appears that further coordination may be needed before any official announcements are made.

Beforehand, YG had promised to outline BLACKPINK’s schedule for the year, which may be the reason why there was confusion regarding Jennie’s denial of a comeback in June. On March 29, during a shareholders’ meeting, YG Entertainment revealed that they had approved a transition to a single CEO system. The current CEO, Yang Min Seok, who is the younger brother of the company’s founder, Yang Hyun Seok, was announced to take the reins. Additionally, YG appointed Kim Dong Hyun as the new chairman of the board of directors.

CEO Yang Min Seok expressed that this decision would be crucial in enhancing the company’s innovation capabilities and global competitiveness. Furthermore, YG confirmed their commitment to supporting BLACKPINK, stating, “We are fully committed to carrying out the plans for BLACKPINK, who signed a group activities contract back in December.”

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