Holding On Tight: Scarlett Johansson Clings to Joseph Gordon-Levitt in High Heels and a Short Dress on Set

Scarlett Johansson’s striking appearance in a leather catsuit on the silver screen left quite an impression. However, it seems that her love for alluring outfits has not waned as she switched to a thigh-high blue dress that flaunted her toned legs. Despite her fashionable attire, she had to hold onto her co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt tightly as they descended a flight of stairs in high heels.

Watch your step! Scarlett Johansson holds on tight to Joseph Gordon-Levitt while making her way down the stairs in a short dress and high heels during filming of their upcoming movie. While he didn’t seem to object, it’s safe to say that most guys wouldn’t mind having such a gorgeous actress by their side. The two actors, both in their 30s, appeared to be enjoying themselves as they shared laughs and banter during breaks from shooting Don Jon’s Addiction.

Joseph and Scarlett were caught on camera sharing a funny moment as they strolled together during the filming of Don Jon’s Addiction. The movie, directed by Gordon-Levitt himself, revolves around the life of current-day Don Juan who battles with his addiction to pornography while striving to become a better version of himself. Although it remains uncertain what role Scarlett plays in the film, it features other big names like Julianne Moore and Tony Danza and is slated for release sometime next year.

Scarlett made a quick switch-up by exchanging her short blue dress for a pair of comfortable jeans and skinny jeans. The new outfit suited her better and gave her more ease.

Taking a break: Joseph, who is trying his hand at directing for the first time with this film, was caught on camera unwinding on the road. Scarlett and Joseph were filming in Hackensack, New Jersey, where they were seen engrossed in conversation outside a nearby diner before Scarlett got up and left. Although they had been shooting in Hollywood earlier, they have now shifted to a different location. However, the locals were not too happy about their area being invaded by Hollywood.

During their coffee break, Scarlett and Joseph took the opportunity to shoot a few scenes outside of a cozy diner.

Scarlett was clearly upset by something he said, as the conversation came to an abrupt end and she left the room. Local residents have expressed their frustration at being confined to their homes due to the street closure caused by the film crew. Despite calls to the police from concerned onlookers, the authorities were more focused on ensuring the safety of the stars than addressing the community’s concerns. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is set to feature in the upcoming summer release of The Dark Knight Rises, the third and final installment in the Batman series.

According to reports, the locals were not pleased with the situation as they were kept away from the filming location and were not allowed to leave their homes.

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