Gal Gadot Opens up About Struggles with Imposter Syndrome

Gal Gadot has established herself as a successful actress in Hollywood, thanks to her impressive performances in popular movies like Fast Furious, Wonder Woman, and Red Notice. However, despite her achievements, the 38-year-old Israeli star still experiences Imposter Syndrome, a condition that causes anxiety despite performing well. In a recent interview with L’Officiel magazine, Gal opened up about her insecurities while posing for glamorous photos in New York City. She expressed that she always feels like an imposter and hopes that people will like her work, never once thinking that they will love it. Despite her green goddess beauty, Gal still feels like she does not fit into the Hollywood scene.

Getting real: This week, the Israeli star spoke about her insecurities to L'Officiel magazine as she posed for glam photos

This week, an Israeli celebrity spoke about her personal doubts and insecurities in an interview with L’Officiel magazine while posing for glamorous photos. She revealed that she once spoke with legendary Hollywood director Francis Ford Coppola about his feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty, despite his successful career making iconic films like The Godfather trilogy. Coppola told her that he follows his heart and remains humble when creating his works of art. Hearing this from the accomplished director put her own insecurities into perspective, and she felt more at ease knowing that even someone as successful as Coppola had similar feelings of doubt. She believes that as long as a story is universal, it can be a success, and is excited for her upcoming action movie Heart Of Stone, which she stars in and co-produces with her husband. The movie aims to be gritty and grounded, rather than a polished superhero flick, and she hopes that it will appeal to everyone.

Funny feeling:

Humorous sensation: “It’s quite amusing, really. I often feel like an impostor because I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue what I truly, truly adore,” said the dark-haired stunner.

The flip side: 'I always feel:

The other side of the story involves the vulnerability of movie icons, as revealed by a famous actress. She confessed that she always feels apprehensive about whether the audience will like her work. Although it is easy to play a role from a script, creating something from scratch is more stimulating and exciting. In her latest project, she chose to portray a character with flaws, a person who has learned to be self-reliant and cannot trust anyone fully. The director’s focus on emotional performance and storytelling was a crucial factor in her decision to join the project. Additionally, she takes pleasure in working with her husband as he complements her business acumen. After he sold his real estate portfolio in Tel Aviv, he agreed to work with her, and they have been a great team ever since.

Will they like it?

Do you think it’ll be a hit with them? The accomplished actress revealed, “I never once thought to myself, ‘They’re going to adore this.'”

Coppola agreed: it was a huge Hollywood icon that helped calm her nerves.  “I remember talking to Francis Ford Coppola and I asked him:

Coppola was a source of comfort for the speaker during the making of the film as it is a significant Hollywood production. The audience’s response to the film is eagerly anticipated, with Gal expressing a desire for the movie to be thrilling and unpredictable. The team aimed to create an original piece without relying too heavily on existing works, likening their work to that of Mission Impossible and Bond movies. Filming took place in various locations, including Iceland, Morocco, Lisbon, London, and Italy’s Alps. While each location held a particular charm, Lisbon stood out due to its energy, culture, food, and people.

He helped: Coppola is best known for his The Godfather trilogy.

Coppola, famous for directing The Godfather trilogy, imparted a valuable lesson to someone he helped. He confessed that he always had doubts and feared rejection, but still followed his heart and approached his work with humility. This wisdom left a lasting impression on the person he aided.

The Godfather director: She added, “I'm sitting with the legend Francis Ford Coppola, and he's talking about how humble and insecure he can be.  I was like, 'Okay, I can be insecure all the time'';  seen in 2022

During a conversation with legendary director Francis Ford Coppola, actress Rachel Zegler shared her own insecurities and found solace in the fact that even accomplished individuals like Coppola could be humble and insecure. Zegler is set to play the villain in Disney’s upcoming Snow White film, which she considers a great opportunity to explore her theatrical and dark side. Being in character was initially challenging, but also fun, as everything was more dramatic and larger than life, akin to making theatre. Her photos were captured by Celeste Sloman and styled by Cristina Ehrlich.

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