“From Wonder Woman to Refreshment Queen: Gal Gadot Partners Up with Smartwater”

by Theatre in Hollywood, California as the new face of Emirates Airlines. She takes over from Jennifer Aniston, who had been the ambassador for the airline for the past 12 years. Gadot, known for her role as Wonder Woman in the DC Comics superhero film franchise, will feature in a global advertising campaign for Emirates, promoting their luxury services and brand identity. The move is expected to appeal to a younger demographic, as Gadot is widely popular among millennials and Gen Z.

According to Variety, an Israeli model and actress has taken over the role previously held by Jennifer Aniston for 12 years. Her job will include appearing in video clips on social media and being prominently featured in various media platforms, including the Times Square sign in New York City. Additionally, she will also be starring in the brand’s initial television commercial.

Celina Li, who is the vice president of water for Coca-Cola North America, stated that the company’s spokesperson can be spotted in numerous locations, both virtual and physical.

Gadot revealed her latest partnership through an Instagram post where she can be seen preparing to take a sip from a bottle of Smartwater.

Sign up for The Times of Israel’s Daily Edition via email and stay updated with our latest headlines. With your agreement to our terms, you can receive daily news updates straight to your inbox. According to Li, Gadot perfectly represents what our customers seek in terms of physical and mental well-being in various stages of life, aligning with Smartwater’s values.

Since 2018, Gadot has served as a worldwide brand ambassador for Revlon. Fans of her blockbuster film “Wonder Woman” can look forward to the sequel’s release later this year. This information was sourced from timesofisrael.com.

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