“Dua Lipa’s Fashion Secrets: Why You Won’t Catch Her Wearing Bold Lingerie Out in Public”

Yesterday, Dua Lipa made a bold appearance in Berlin, Germany, wearing a stunning maxi dress with two deep slits. The British singer turned heads as she walked the streets of Berlin, flaunting her daring outfit with no underwear and a bold bust. She’s currently on a world tour that kicked off in February after a two-year delay caused by the pandemic. Dua Lipa’s tour is set to have 82 performances, with the last one scheduled for November 16, 2022, at Perth’s RAC Arena in Western Australia.

Dua Lipa không mặc nội y táo bạo trên phố ảnh 1

Dua Lipa is famous for her bold fashion choices, often spotted wearing revealing outfits on the streets. Fans of the 9-time vocalist will recognize her signature sexy style. Recently, she wowed the audience at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Berlin with a stunning lotus pink jumpsuit during her Beauty Tour. She’s set to perform at the Lanxess gymnasium in Cologne tomorrow night, continuing to showcase her impeccable taste in fashion.

Dua Lipa không mặc nội y táo bạo trên phố ảnh 2

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