“Dua Lipa’s Auckland Show: A Sassy, Sweet and Spectacular Performance”

Dua Lipa was the picture of sugar, spice and everything nice at her Wednesday night show in Auckland. Photo / Getty Images

Dua Lipa’s Auckland show on Wednesday was a stunning display of her captivating talent and charm. She has come a long way since her initial viral fame for her poor dancing skills, now wowing audiences with her mesmerizing moves. The three-time Grammy winner exuded both sexiness and sweetness, leaving the 12,000-strong crowd spellbound with her bold fashion choices and unique persona. Her performance left everyone wanting to embrace their playful side and be just as fun and flirty as she was on stage.

Begin the performance with the popular tune, “Physical,” the singer who is also a fashion trendsetter, donned a vibrant blue lace bodysuit. Accompanied by retro visuals, it seemed as though the audience had been transported to a futuristic 80s music video that was ahead of its time.

Watching Dua Lipa's show was like being transported back to a futuristic 80s. Photo / Getty Images

Experiencing Dua Lipa’s concert was like taking a trip to a futuristic version of the 80s. The singer effortlessly belted out crowd favorites such as New Rules, Love Again, and Cool, sounding just as amazing live as she does on recordings. However, the highlight of the performance was not just her vocals but also the impressive choreography that accompanied each song. It was a mix of burlesque and TikTok-inspired moves that left the audience in awe. Despite the seductive nature of her performance, Lipa maintained her composure, except for a few moments where she couldn’t help but beam with joy.

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The only criticism that could be made against the starlet was her delay in interacting with the audience. However, given the grandeur of the show, Lipa was easily forgiven. When she finally did greet the crowd, her persona transformed from a seductive performer to an adorable personality. “Hello Auckland,” she exclaimed, “I was here in 2018, supporting Bruno Mars. I never thought I would have the opportunity to perform here again, so thank you so much.” It’s hard to picture the pop industry without Lipa. The Albanian London-born singer only gained fame in 2017 with her self-titled debut, which debuted at number three on the UK charts.
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It’s not difficult to understand why Lipa is meant to be on stage. The multi-platinum Gen Z superstar continued her performance with “Good In Bed,” but halfway through, she became adorably distracted. She pointed towards a couple in the audience and said, “There were two really gorgeous people over there. This song is for you.”

Dua Lipa's dancers were just as mesmerising as her. Photo / Getty Images

Dua Lipa captivated her audience with hit after hit, including her iconic songs “Electricity” and “One Kiss.” The latter song won her the 2019 Brit Award for Song of the Year and was the year’s longest-running number-one single by a female artist. The Auckland concert turned into one massive dance party, making the venue feel like an earthquake had struck. The night took a wholesome turn when a clip of Elton John appeared on stage while Cold Heart played. Lipa and her dancers sang along, swaying gently, evoking memories of singing along with friends on a Saturday night. Lipa thanked the crowd and left the stage but returned in a bedazzled red and nude catsuit to perform her final hits, Future Nostalgia, Levitating, and Don’t Stop Now. She left the audience feeling electrified and ready to dance.

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