Discovering the Three Adorable Children of Gal Gadot: Alma, Maya, and Daniella on T-News

Gal Gadot and Jaron Varsano are proud parents of a trio of daughters.

Gal Gadot, known for her role as Wonder Woman, is not only a superhero on the big screen, but also a super mom in real life. She and her husband, Jaron Varsano, tied the knot in 2008 and have three daughters together: Alma, Maya, and Daniella. Despite playing an Amazonian warrior princess, Gadot says that giving birth and becoming a mother is what made her feel the most powerful. She loves childbirth and finds it magical, even stating that she would do it once a week if she could. While the actress tends to keep her family life private, she has shared snippets of their adventures and sweet moments in the kitchen on social media. Get to know Gal Gadot’s three daughters: Alma, Maya, and Daniella.

Gal Gadot shared on Instagram that her first daughter, Alma, surprised her by being born a few weeks before her due date on November 5, 2011. Despite the surprise, Gadot expressed how Alma’s birth changed her life forever and brought so much love, laughter, and curiosity into their home. On Alma’s 8th birthday in 2019, Gadot wrote a heartfelt message to her daughter, thanking her for teaching her so much about life and giving her the precious title of mother. Gadot’s experience as a mother to a daughter also inspired her to provide a strong female example through her role as Wonder Woman to young girls and boys everywhere. She believes it is important for children to have a female superhero to look up to and admire.

Alma had the incredible opportunity to not only watch her mother in the Wonder Woman movies, but to also make her own appearance in one of them. In the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, Alma, along with her sister Maya and Varsano, were featured in a Christmas scene towards the end of the film. This was a very special moment for the family, as it meant a lot to Gadot to have her loved ones present during filming. The family cameo was an amazing souvenir that they will cherish forever, and Gadot credits her family’s support as essential to the success of the movie.

Gal Gadot announced the birth of her second daughter, Maya, on March 20, 2017, making her a mother of two. She took to Instagram to share the happy news and posted a picture of her family leaving the hospital. Gadot famously continued filming for movies like Justice League and Wonder Woman during her pregnancy with Maya. Her team used a green screen around her bump to conceal her pregnancy while filming for Wonder Woman. In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2017, Gadot talked about the need for gender reprogramming in the film industry and how women should be considered equally capable of getting the job done.

Maya, Gal Gadot’s daughter, has made cameo appearances in both Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984, alongside her older sister Alma. Gadot has suggested the possibility of continuing this tradition in Wonder Woman 3. When asked about a potential third cameo, Gadot told Entertainment Tonight that “we might” include Maya again, adding that it would be a nice souvenir for her daughters to see themselves getting older with each movie.

In March 2021, Gadot made an announcement that she and Varsano were expecting their third baby. In April 2021, she humorously revealed that they were having another daughter. She later introduced Daniella to the world through a family selfie on Instagram on June 29, 2021. Gadot expressed her gratitude and joy in the caption, welcoming Daniella into their family. Her top priority as a parent is ensuring that Daniella gets enough sleep and enjoys it. To accomplish this, Gadot shared a video on Instagram in September 2021 that featured her signature dance to soothe her three-month-old daughter. On Live with Kelly and Ryan, Gadot acknowledged that the most difficult aspect of parenting for her was the lack of sleep and constant fatigue.

Gal Gadot shared her experience as a working mother of three during an interview with Flaunt magazine in August 2023. Despite the mess and chaos, she embraces the experience with open arms. She admits to feeling torn between wanting to be at home with her kids and needing to work. However, to avoid falling into a vicious cycle, she learned to silence those negative emotions. Gadot realized that being a perfectionist is not sustainable and that doing her best as a mother is enough. According to the actress, this mindset has helped her achieve balance in her life. The source for this information is

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