“Behind the Scenes: Chris Pine Resurrects His Character in Wonder Woman Sequel Alongside Gal Gadot on Virginia Set”

On Wednesday, fans caught a glimpse of Chris Pine and Gal Gadot on the set of the highly anticipated Wonder Woman sequel, set to take place in 1984. This marks the first time the two stars have been seen together on set. Earlier that day, director Patty Jenkins shared a photo of Pine from the upcoming film on Twitter, leaving fans confused as his character was killed off in the first installment, which took place during WWI. With the sequel’s new time period, set almost 70 years after the original film, it remains to be seen how Pine’s character will fit into the story.

Back for #2: Gal Gadot and Chris Pine were spotted in the first pictures from the set of Wonder Woman 1984 on Wednesday in Virginia

The second installment of Wonder Woman is underway, as evidenced by the recent photos of Gal Gadot and Chris Pine on set in Virginia. As is typical in the world of comics, characters often come back to life through various means such as time travel, resurrection and alternate universes.

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Vanessa Feltz, aged 61, has expressed that she wouldn’t recommend her “broken heart diet” to anyone. Additionally, there is speculation that Pine may portray Trevor’s son in the upcoming film. These have been popular topics of discussion recently.

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Nicole Kidman’s recent appearance in a stunning ethereal gown is making waves online, and it seems like she’s also proving Amy Schumer wrong. Currently viewed by over 5,000 people, the attire of both Kidman and another star, Gadot, on Wednesday harked back to the 1980s with Gadot wearing a loose-fitting cream suit paired with a large collared white blouse.

What the hell? Pine's casting has confused fans, since he was killed off in Patty Jenkins' global smash hit original last year

Fans are expressing confusion over Pine’s casting in the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel. This is because his character had died in the first movie, which was a huge success under the direction of Patty Jenkins.

Theories:  Comic book characters have a tendency to not stay dead, and theories such as time travel, resurrection, and alternate universes have all been flouted as possible explanations

There’s a common idea that comic book characters have a knack for coming back to life, and fans have tossed around various theories as to how this happens. Some of the possibilities include time travel, being brought back from the dead, or existing in alternate universes.

Retro: The follow up is set in 1984, and both stars' wardrobes on Wednesday certainly reflected that

In the latest installment, which takes place in 1984, the fashion choices of both lead actors on Wednesday clearly embodied the retro vibe of the era. Check out the gallery with over 23 photos for a closer look.

Fitting: Chris opted for black slacks and a short navy bomber jacket,

There are 23 images available to view in the gallery.

Fitting: It was apt since he used to be a World War I pilot

Chris chose a classic outfit for the occasion, sporting black slacks and a short navy bomber jacket. This was fitting, given his background as a World War I pilot. To complete the look, he added a navy striped waistcoat and a thick brown belt. Demonstrating his attention to detail, Chris rolled up the sleeves of his jacket and paired the ensemble with cream Nike trainers. Overall, he nailed the vintage vibe effortlessly.

Left it at home: There was no sign of the iconic Wonder Woman outfit yet

As depicted in the +23 gallery above, the legendary Wonder Woman costume was nowhere to be seen. It seems to have been left behind at home for the time being.

Acceptable in the 80s: Gadot rocked a retro loose-fitting cream suit

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Browse through photos

Acceptable in the 80s: she teamed it with a large collared white blouse

Gadot was looking retro-chic in an outfit that would have been considered perfectly acceptable back in the 80s – a loose-fitting cream suit paired with a white blouse featuring a large collar. Check out the gallery above for more fashion inspiration!

Fitting in: She finished the look with a navy striped waistcoat and thick brown belt

Adding the final touches: To complete her outfit, she paired a navy striped waistcoat and a chunky brown belt.

Miami Vice: Gal of course kept her sleeves rolled up

Gal made sure to keep her sleeves rolled up in true Miami Vice fashion, as seen in the +23 photos in the gallery.

Refresher: The 33-year-old beauty grabbed a drink between takes: 

In a series of photos, the 33-year-old actress was spotted taking a break and grabbing a drink in between filming takes. To complete his look, he wore a fanny pack, which was known to be one of the most iconic accessories in the 80s. The director of the film, Patty Jenkins, tweeted the first official still from the movie featuring Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. He can be seen wearing the same outfit as before, looking confused while standing in a shopping mall. The tweet read, “Welcome to WONDER WOMAN 1984, Steve Trevor! #WW84”. It is worth mentioning that Patty Jenkins’ first Wonder Woman film received widespread critical acclaim.

A wrinkle in time: If there was any doubt what era the film was set, these two dudes confirmed it

The two guys pictured in the gallery above leave no room for doubt about the time period in which the movie takes place, as they perfectly embody the style and fashion of the era. Their appearance is a clear indication of the setting of “A Wrinkle in Time”.

Buff: Chris shed the bomber jacket to reveal a tight white tee

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23 pictures to see!

Long: he also rocked high waisted slacks

Chris casually took off his bomber jacket, revealing a fitted white t-shirt and pants that hugged his waistline. The onlookers couldn’t help but admire his fashionable outfit.

Looks just like dad: There is also the theory that Pine is playing his character Trevor's son this time around

The gallery comprises 23 images that showcase the striking resemblance between Chris Pine’s character Trevor and his possible son in the upcoming movie. The movie, set in the Reagan era, features Steve as a young man despite the timeline being set in the 1910s. The plot also remains unclear about how Steve returns for the sequel after sacrificing himself in the first film. Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, posted an intriguing snap on Twitter where she is seen staring at a set of 12 TV monitors.

Man out of time: Wonder Woman: 1984 is set in that year, and also confusingly once again stars Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, who was killed off in the World War I-set first film 

On Wednesday, director Patty Jenkins took to Twitter to share the first official still from her upcoming film “Wonder Woman 1984.” The image features Chris Pine’s character, Steve Trevor, in the midst of the Reagan Era. Additionally, a thrilling trailer was released featuring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in action-packed scenes.

Next year: The DC Comics/Warner bros sequel has a slated release date on November 1, 2019 

Gal Gadot, the actress who portrays the iconic superhero in the Wonder Woman franchise, took to Twitter recently to share a snapshot of herself as the titular character staring at a set of 12 television monitors. These monitors feature images typical of the 80s era, including the smiling JR Ewing from the popular TV series Dallas. While the first movie in the series jumps between different time periods, including World War I and the present day, Wonder Woman has also appeared in other DC movies set in modern times. However, both Patty and Geoff Johns, the president of DC Entertainment, have hinted at the 1984 setting for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Gadot and Jenkins have also made use of the “WW84” computer text as their cover images on Twitter, causing fans to speculate excitedly about the potential setting.

Triumph: Wonder Woman had the best domestic gross of any DC Extended Universe film and - trumped by Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice - the second best global gross

The superhero film, Wonder Woman, surpasses all other DC Extended Universe movies in terms of domestic gross, with only Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice outperforming it globally. In March, director Patty Jenkins announced on Twitter the addition of comedian Kristen Wiig to the cast as the part-feline supervillain, Cheetah. Despite facing bans from several countries, including Lebanon and Tunisia, due to lead actress Gal Gadot’s Israeli military service, the film still managed to achieve impressive box office success.

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