“Angelina Jolie’s heartwarming moment as a grand dame honored by the late Queen for her remarkable humanitarian efforts”

Angelina Jolie, who is already considered the Queen of Hollywood, can now add another prestigious possession to her name.

Angelina Jolie, aged 47, was bestowed with an honorary grand dame title by the late Queen due to her humanitarian efforts. Recently, her friend Baroness Arminka Helic gifted her a box that resembled the ones used by monarchs to receive significant government documents. In the picture, the baroness is seen standing behind Angelina.

According to my informant, the container bears the raised design of the Order of St Michael and St George symbol. Angelina was extremely delighted upon receiving it.

Angelina Jolie, who has been recognized by the late Queen as an honorary grand dame for her extensive humanitarian efforts, has received a special box from her friend Baroness Arminka Helic, styled after the ones used by monarchs to receive important government documents. The picture shows the Baroness standing behind Angelina.

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