“Angelina Jolie Takes the Lead in Directing ‘Without Blood’ Starring Salma Hayek After Brad Pitt’s Reflection on Their Separation”

On Wednesday, Angelina Jolie returned to directing with her latest film Without Blood in Rome. The 47-year-old actress stepped behind the camera for the first time in five years and was spotted offering guidance to star Salma Hayek on set. Filming took place near the iconic Colosseum for the period drama. Meanwhile, Angelina’s ex-husband Brad Pitt recently revealed that he has embraced abstinence and sobriety since their surprise divorce in 2016.

Angelina Jolie, age 47, took on the role of director for her latest film Without Blood in Rome on Wednesday, amidst recent comments made by her former spouse Brad Pitt about his life following their divorce. The actress arrived on set dressed for the warm Italian weather in a chic white vest top and flared trousers, exuding effortless elegance. Donning a straw hat, Jolie directed the cast through the dramatic scenes of the film. Co-star Salma Hayek was also spotted on set wearing a stunning black velvet A-line dress and a white overcoat, preparing to film scenes on a flight of stairs in the city.

Fashionable: After the movie was announced last week, the actress and film’s lead Salma Hayek were spotted together on set in Rome, near the famous Colosseum.

Looking fashionable and prepared for the hot climate in Italy, Angelina arrived on set for filming in a comfortable white tank top and wide-legged pants, exuding an air of sophistication.

Chic: For her most recent film shoot, she slipped on a stylish set of brown Louis Vuitton slip-on sandals and topped off the look with a large straw hat to protect her head from the sun’s rays.

Angelina was spotted leading Salma through the scenes of the movie adaptation of Alessandro Baricco’s novel. She seemed to be taking charge of the filming process.

Expected: The upcoming movie is advertised to delve into the overarching themes of war, trauma, memory, and recovery. The lead actress later swapped her outfit for a revealing black velvet dress adorned with button detailing on the bodice, paired with a sophisticated pearl necklace. Without Blood takes inspiration from Alessandro Baricco’s novel and takes place after an unspecified conflict. Its main objective is to examine the universal truths relating to the aftermath of war, trauma, memory, and healing.

Angelina has made some strides in her career as a director. She wrapped up her latest film, First They Killed My Father, in 2017 and it was met with great feedback from critics upon its debut on Netflix.

Salma donned a costume that was inspired by the historical period as she reached the set. On arrival, Salma and Angelina immediately began working on the movie.

Salma switched up her look and opted for a sultry black velvet dress that had intricate button detailing along the bodice. She accessorized with a sophisticated pearl necklace to complete the glamorous ensemble.

Full of pride, Angelina expressed her gratitude in Italy for the opportunity to adapt this extraordinary content into a movie.

Salma Hayek looked stunning and perfectly dressed in a black dress and a matching white overcoat, complete with towering heels, to play her character in the film’s period setting. Angelina Jolie expressed her excitement about bringing Alessandro Baricco’s book to life on screen, with its unique poetic style and emotional portrayal of war and the aftermath of trauma or loss. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt has shared that he has chosen to live a life of abstinence, following his divorce from Angelina Jolie in 2016. In a recent interview with British GQ, Pitt emphasized the importance of experiencing emotional turmoil and sadness as part of personal growth.

Observation: Angelina’s former partner, Brad Pitt, recently revealed that he has adopted a lifestyle of complete abstinence since their divorce was officially finalized in 2016.

In a recent interview with British GQ, Pitt, who is 58 years old, openly shared his belief that experiencing emotional turmoil and profound sadness is an inevitable aspect of personal growth.

Angelina initiated the process of ending her 11-year long relationship with Brad by filing for divorce in 2016, just two years after they tied the knot. This information was obtained from a news article on dailymail.co.uk.

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