A series of photos of Gal Gadot looking as beautiful as a goddess in a new movie makes netizens fall in love: Her “sexy” eyes are so sexy that she surpasses her Wonder Woman era

“Goddess” Gal Gadot has made the world’s netizens “bleed” continuously because of her beauty in the recently released blockbuster Red Notice.

Netflix’s blockbuster Red Notice starring Gal Gadot is the most expensive film in the company’s history. Funded with up to 200 million USD, the film stars Gal Gadot alongside two top Hollywood actors, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ryan Reynolds . However, the charisma and career of the two co-stars could not “drown” Gal Gadot in this action blockbuster. On the contrary, the female star became the sℯxiest shadow of the film, constantly having “sℯxy” scenes that made netizens overwhelmed by her beauty.

In Red Notice , Gal Gadot plays Bishop (Bishop) – an extremely intelligent, beautiful, and martial arts female thief. With her ingenuity, she “tricked” an FBI agent andaother super thief into her plan, to chase after the antique fortune, a set of 3 rare golden eggs of Queen Cleopatra.

Because of her importance in the film, Gal Gadot constantly has the opportunity to show off her beauty and figure alongside actors The Rock and Ryan Reynolds. Every time this female star “shows off her figure”, netizens have to run online to complain about her beauty. Compared to the time when Wonder Woman still followed a “safe” style, Gal Gadot in Red Notice is truly exploding with sℯxiness.

Gal Gadot’s best moment in the movie is probably the confrontation and duel with both The Rock and Ryan Reynolds. With just one powerful kick, she made two opponents “go to the ground”!

Although Red Notice was not well received by critics, it was quite popular with fans. The film has a very different score on Rotten Tomatoes: 39% by experts and 92% by audiences. The film was commented on by many major newspapers as absurd, not too funny and did not create a certain highlight in the heist film genre.

Red Notice has debuted on Netflix.

Source: ttvn.toquoc.vn

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